Friday, April 24, 2009


Dear Fellow Blogger,

I am writing today about a wonderful website I have found. It pays you daily instead of waiting 30 days or more to get a pay check from how a lot of these websites pay you today. The site is EZ WEALTH SOLUTIONS. If you have not heard of it, let me explain some of it. The best way to explain it is by the Movie "PAY IT FORWARD" here is the video trailer:

Here are the websites that you can check out and take "The Tour". It does not obligate you to anything.

This is the Powerline you will get as well .


Here is a different version of the site: I have already paid your 1st Level Package which gets you in the door. It consists of 100 ebooks and a 66 Search Engine Blaster (which I Love).

The cost to you to join is only $10 and is monthly for the Admin Fee. This fee has nothing to do with me or the other members, again it is an Admin Fee. Once you have paid $47 one time only FORWARD for another member to join, YOU ARE READY TO RECEIVE $47 MANY TIMES DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY. Also, it goes up as you buy Levels 2 through 5. You can receive daily $47, $97, $247, $447, $997. That's $1885 to you per person once they reach all 5 Levels. Did You Get That?? $1885 TO YOU PER PERSON!

There are NO DOWNLINES. But, who needs downlines when you are receiving up to $1885 per day or week. So from this one website you could have a very good money maker if you worked it right. Also, the website has tools to help you advertise YOUR site. So, remember to take the Tour to all the info.

1 more thing. My Sponsor sent me an email and part of it I would like to share with you. I have only saved part of it because her email get kinda long. Here is what she wrote:

3 things to remember:
1) Once you are qualified at ANY of the Levels, you NEVER have to qualify at that Level ever again.
2) Once you have paid for ANY of the Levels, you NEVER have to pay for that Level ever again.
3) Once Qualified at ALL 5 Levels, you never have to qualifiy again, you never have to pay again for any of the Levels, and you are able to earn UNLIMITED $47-$97-$247-$497 $997 payments... FOR LIFE!! And, all you will ever pay is $10 a month for your admin fees ...
READY TO SIGN UP? Just log in and click on "PURCHASE PACKAGE".
If you were one of the many people who UPGRADED TO RESELLER over the past week, remember, you MUST order at least Package #1 so I can pay your way in. If you do not order you will NOT be able to sign up people ...
Just log in and click on "PURCHASE PACKAGE", watch the videos and order the Levels you want to come in at.
By the way, if you are ready to join me today, I'll pay your way into Level 1 today! Just log in and click on "UPGRADE TO RESELLER"
Questions? Log in and watch the "HOW IT WORKS" Video and fill out the short questionnaire. I'll get right back to you ...
Good Luck to You and thanks for reading,
Rocky F.W. LeMar

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